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This page contains some of my all-time favorite finds from around the web.

I purchased and genuinely  love each of these products and have not received any compensation for promoting them here.


If you choose to make a purchase through one of the links below, I may receive a small percentage of the sale.  Happy shopping!



Best Leggings Under $15
soooo buttery soft
Best Leggings Under $20
they have pockets!
Butt-Flattering Skinnies
available in sizes 2-20
Easy, Breezy Maxi Dress
this one has pockets, too
Apple Watch Band
it's a scrunchie!
Squishy Yoga Flip-Flops
insanely comf
Super Soft Maxi Skirt
we love pockets <3

Work From home

First of all, see: "Best Leggings under $15/$20" above. Critical WFH wardrobe staples.

Pretty Rainbow Keyboard
typing can be fun
USB Mug Warmer
6 cute color options
Tiny Desk Vacuum
for the workday snackers
Compact Label Printer
shipping just got easier
Comfy Headphones
for endless Zoom meetings
Genius Headphones Hook
keep them nearby


Transformer Potting Bench
every plant lady needs one
Monstera Hooks!
hang your plants from a leaf?
Portable Air Couch
like a hammock, but better


Getting started with essential oils can be intimidating. Here are the 3 places I buy my oils:

yl logo.png
Young Living
AMAZING oil-based products
Revive Essential Oils
always FREE shipping!
aura cacia.png
Aura Cacia Essentials
join the co-op for just $10

And some of my favorite oily accessories!

120 ML Ceramic Diffuser
chic & classic
100 ML Diffuser
NOT just another plant...
500 ML Diffuser
best for large spaces
put on love.JPG
Put On Love Designs
diffusing accessories galore
50ml dropper bottles
fill with your favorite blend
3ml dropper bottles
diffuser bombs await!
Essential Oils Guidebook
perfect starter recipes


gf logo.JPG
Glowforge Discount!!
Save up to $500
Masking Weeding Tools
save your poor fingers
My FAVORITE leather
engraves beautifully


Compact Utensil Sorter
perfect for small spaces
Velvet Hangers
bougie and beneficial
Unfinished Shelf Brackets
use with hanging fruit basket!
The Home Edit: Life Book
learn from the masters


Let's be honest, this section could get out of hand very quickly. But I'll try to be picky with what I include below :)

Kindle Paperwhite
best e-reader EVER
Saga Compendium
space opera graphic novel
Throne of Glass: Collector
my all-time fave series
Death & Co Cocktail Guide
infinitely giftable


Fancy AF Playing Cards
serious wow-factor
Color-coded Sudoku board
play together or solo
Great tabletop intro
easy to learn & quick to play
My all-time FAVORITE
casual strategy

IN the kitchen

Cutest Rotary Grater
*grate* for veggies & cheese
Hanging Fruit Basket
reclaim some counter space
Iron Flask 32 Oz
same quality, lower cost
Desert Pear Syrup
cocktails, coffee, and more!


Open & Airy Bookshelf
perfect for small spaces
Pull-top Coffee Table
for those couch dinner nights
Multi-function side table
less than $30!
Moon Phase Wall Decor
all the witchy vibes
All-White Desk Clock
sophisticated time-teller
Felt Bedside Organizer
pockets on pockets
Unfinished Picture Ledges
gallery wall without commitment
Lightweight Ladder Rack
for towels...or plants. or both!

For the heathens...I mean kids

Whimsical Letter Board
3 letter sizes, plus icons
Kid's Weighted Blanket
restful, anxiety-free sleep


My Favorite Paint Markers
40 amazing colors
Colored Pencil Set
so many colors, so little time
Lightweight Light Box
a MUST for all artists!
Best Starter Resin Kit
medium cure 2:1 ratio
Hexagon Coaster Molds
makes great trivets
Round Coaster Molds
perfect for beginners
Mixed Fiber Macrame
learn macrame techniques
Rose Gold Scissors
beautiful AND functional
Wool Roving Multipack
add texture to macrame!
these are not just for kids
24 Alcohol Inks
color your resin projects
Rainbow Loom Kit
ALSO not just for kids :)